The National Association of Realtors conducts a survey called the American Attitudes About Homeownership survey. The survey goes out online to 3,793 adults through a company called Harris Interactive. The results of the survey are an expression of the sign of the times—revealing that it is better to own a home than it is to rent one.

The Results

  • 95% of homeowners think it is better in the long run to own a home
  • 72% of renters believe it is better to own a home over time
  • Quality of life seems to be better when owning a home than when renting
  • 93% of homeowners would buy a home again
  • 63% of renters have aspirations to buy a home in the future

The overall theme from the survey is that both renters and homeowners believe that homeownership creates a better situation financially and personally.

The Obstacles

The question then becomes, if homeownership is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it? Two primary reasons pull out ahead—the economy and employment situations. Three out five renters who aspire to buy a home in the future are not doing so right now because of job security or creditworthiness.

The American Attitudes About Homeownership survey backs up what most of us already know—homeownership is part of the American dream and a way of life. Since you believe in the need and benefits of buying a home, make the necessary adjustments and take the steps required to turn the dream into a reality.

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